Sunday, December 19, 2010

Looky looky!!!

I got one thing off my Christmas list.. YAH! My birthday was last week and I used some of my b-day money to buy these FABULOUS Gianni Bini boots.. I was SO excited about them that I wore them around the house last night in my pj's :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas List..

My good friend Amy made a list a couple weeks ago and I could help but want to make my own. Besides, it's my day off and I'm BORED out of my mind!!!! So here it is.. IF I could have everything I want for Christmas, this is it...


A SEWING MACHINE (I'm pretty sure I'm really getting this) ;)

Gianni Bini Bag.. Is it too much?!?

Anthropology Bedding.. Kris says it's too girlie :(

Lots and lots of MAC makeup!!!

Somewhere to wear a FABULOUS hat like this..

Loving this Anthro dress.. Can I just have everything from that store actually?!?!?

These Gianni Bini Boots! LOVE


THE END!!! For now...

Provo, Utah Girls

OMG! This video is SO funny and true! I had to post it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


cyni·cal (sin′i kəl)
1. believing that people are motivated in all their actions only by selfishness; denying the sincerity of people's motives and actions, or the value of living
2. sarcastic, sneering, etc.
3. Cynic

AS much as I believe in LOVE (and have felt it in my own life)... I have to say that underneath it all, I'm a huge realist/cynic. All of this, Christmas, Happy Happy Joy Joy, "We're SOOOO in Love" hoopla is driving me crazy!!! Do you ever look at some one's page and feel like their rubbing their life in your face?!? For example: Why do I need to see 20 pictures of the same thing from different angles?!? Nobody cares!!! (EXCEPT FOR YOU)

Okay, well now that I've probably offended most of my friends. I know I'm guilty of this myself. That's the funny part... besides being a Cynic.. I'm also Hypocrite. And it's really annoying...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Happenings

Here is just a little update for friends and family that follow our blog. Kris only has one month left of school and is feeling the heat of all his finals and papers building up on him.

I'm working 50+ hours at Buckle as a Leader and will recieve keys to the store in the next couple weeks! YAY! With only 10 days left til BLACK friday (the friday after thanksgiving), and 4 new teammates there is A LOT of training, teaching, and learning going on. I learn so many new things everytime I go to work. How many people can say that?!? SO in other words I'm really loving my job. :)

2 weekends ago Kris's Mom and Dad came down to Houston to visit Jon (Kris's brother) and Kat but mostly to visit their grandbaby's Sevy and Teik. Kris and I drove the 1.5 hours to hang out also! It was a great visit..

Mimi got to carve pumpkins with Sevy

Teik tried to help.. haha

After carving pumpkins we went out to celebrate Nancy's "29th" birthday..

Last weekend Kris took me to the Miranda Lambert concert to celebrate my b-day. Which is not til December 16th.. BUT he will already be in Amarillo by then. Just FYI, I will fly in on the 24th.

Us at the concert!

All in all we are doing great and enjoying this thing called marriage. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's been awhile since I have posted a real life post, but to be honest, we don't do alot down here in "Boo-mont".. Get it??? Beaumont?!?!
Any way..... Kris and I carved pumpkins tonight to get in the Halloween spirt. AND it was so much fun.. although I just carved mine, he had to clean it out for me! EWWWW

Kris was pretending to be a pumpkin head

Kris's is the Owl and mine is the funny face..

They are much scarier in the dark.. MUHAHAHA!

RELAXING on the couch after all the hard work was done :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


After engagements, groomals, and a wedding, which was all photographed by the ever so talented, Becky Reed.

I am happy to announce that we finally made her blog!

I couldn't be more excited!!!! (Dorky.. I know)

Check it out here!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Website UP!

The wedding pictures, as well as all the photobooth photos are up! They are ready to be viewed, printed, and put on your mantel! You can print whatever ones you want though this site!

HOWEVER, there is a password at the beginning to protect all our friends and family. Email, message, or text me and I'll tell you know the password. Let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YAH! Wedding Pictures!

We finally got our wedding pics this weekend! You can see some of them here..

They are huge files though and they take forever to upload! SOOOO I will have them up on by Sunday, hopefully. Then our friends and family can go on and order ones you want! I will put the link on here. Thanks for being patient! :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Texas Rice Festival

Tonight Kris and I went to the Texas Rice Festival.. WELL there wasn't really any rice BUT there was tons of yummy fair food! There was SO much to chose from so we shared everything so we could taste more...

First we ate this.. A BBQ pork k-bob

Then we ate this.. Alligator on a stick!

Here I am with it (the flash was too bright) and it was very chewy.. hmmmm
THEN, we ate this.. YUMMY Roasted corn on the cob..

Then we ate this.. It was a shrimp and crab hot pocket (I regret this one.. my stomach hurts)

BUT then we ate this.. Funnel Cake!!!!

It was delicious and my festival experience was finally complete..

Friday, September 24, 2010


After being in Beaumont for 4 weeks, jobless. I decided to apply at my old stomping grounds of the BUCKLE. AND because I worked there for a year and a half in SLC, I was in!! YAH! I only started this week but I'm already loving it again. Everyone I work with is SO nice!!! Like over the top nice! Its great!

Back to being the layering queen for me! How EXCITING! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My first sewing venture!

Lately, I have been obsessed with Project Runway! AND during my obsession, I just so happened to see a DIY skirt on a friends blog that I just HAD to make! Unfortunately, I do not having a sewing machine nor have I ever sewed on more than a button in my entire life. But I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wanted to make this skirt!!!!

So while Kris and I were in Houston this weekend, I set out on my endeavor with my sister in law, Kat. She was a huge help at explaining the sewing jargon!!

BUT after about 5 hours divided between 2 days...

I ended up with this! AND I love it!!! I already know what I want to make next!

(The directions for this skirt are found here.)

PS. please don't mind my pony tail hair.. Our church is at 9am.. UHHH!

I made the band twice as wide as it instructs so I could wear a belt with it :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I've learned in Beaumont....

Since moving to Beaumont, Kris and I have notice QUITE a few differences from other places we have lived. AND have had to adapt..

When you go to church, if there are 2 open seats at the end of a row, DO NOT assume they are open, even if you ask the family sitting in the row if they are saved.
(Yep, after asking first, then sitting down, a family asked Kris and I to move about 2 minutes later!!!!) I was shocked! WWJD?!?!?

We have both have stepped in more gum, in the last 3 weeks, than in our whole lives.. and it is SO sticky! I think from the humidity.. haha

I have naturally wavy hair.. not cute wavy, just annoying. So when I get ready, I straighten it. WELL, as soon as I walk outside.. My hair looks like this :(

It rains almost everyday here! I walked in the store yesterday under perfectly clear skies and not 2 minutes later it started pooring.. WHAT THE ?!?!

The population here in Beaumont is over 50% African American, to say the least Kris and I are the minority. BUT that is not what I learned on this one, it is that African American women do not age! Seriously, their skin is wrinkle free and gorgeous.. NOT FAIR

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm sure most of you are my facebook friends and have access to all our pictures on there. So instead of reposting all them all, I thought I would make this post short and sweet!

Kris and I went on our honeymoon to Mexico on a cruise leaving out of Galveston, Texas. We stopped in 2 ports. One in Progresso, Mexico and one in Cozumel. We loved Cozumel the best!! We had a great time on the ship enjoing the food, entertainment, and lots of quality time together. SO FUN! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010


We are getting married tomorrow morning! I'm so excited to marry my best friend. I love Kris SO much :) Here is a sneak preview of our groomal session! There will be many more to come!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vow Renewal

As many of you know my parents separated June of 2009. BUT though lots of faith, council, prayer, forgiveness and understanding they were able to work things out this spring.
Their 26th anniversary was June 8th and my dad's gift to my mom was that he had already reserved the Botanical Gardens in Amarillo on July 9th to renewal their wedding vows.
We were all a little nervous because we had never seen one, let alone been apart of one but it was PERFECT!! Only about 40 close friends and family. It was short and sweet and then we all enjoyed the yummy cake!! I'm so happy that my parents have found a way in the "world of divorce" to set an example for us all. For better or for worse.

Collin played the guitar and sang as Ryan walked my mom down the isle :)

Reading there vows they had written to each other..

Me reading my poem at the end of the ceremony...

My mom and dad cutting the cake!

Kris and I pretending it is our cake.. haha! 18 days ;)

Juliette and I had to move the top of the cake.. with our hands.. haha

Me and my beautiful mama

The FAM!

The whole future family