Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 months!!!

My little boyfriend turned 5 months old, 2 days ago, on the 16th. I love his little round pumpkin head so much! He is rolling over both ways now and pushing up on his arms, he almost can get his knees under himself.. Woooo! He is starting to like rice cereal. He insist on sleeping on his tummy. He is a squirmy worm and will not sit still, no more cuddling with mommy while awake. Beckett is an happy, happy boy and we love having him in our family. Here is his 4-5 month video!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kristian's 7th Birthday

Kris was born on February 29th so his birthday only comes around every four years. This year he turned 7! We had a party for him on the actual day at our house.

Here are the awesome decorations.. Thanks to Pintrest!

Kris's cake! I made a Texas Sheet Cake.. If you've never had this, it's delicious and easy!!!

Our little family

Kris and Brian getting their dance on with the Kinect.. SO FUN!

Beckett and his best buddy Ronin!

My favorite party goer..