Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ugly Sweaters and Toupees

Not a lot has changed around here. I'm still on maternity leave and spending all day with my baby boy. AND I'm still obsessed with him. I think it gets worse daily! Time is flying by and I am not ready to go back to work at the first of January. I would stay home if I could. Funny thing is I thought I would have SO much free time not working and get SO much stuff done. NOT, between Beckett eating and me pumping it takes a lot of our day away. Here is a catch up of what we've been up to the last couple weeks besides those two things.

Beckett was SO tired from playing..

His first time in his bumbo.. I think it was a success!

This last weekend, we were lucky enough to have Kris's parents in Beaumont. They were asked to speak to the Audiology program students at Lamar, where Kris attends. For those of you who don't know his dad, Kerry, is an Audiologist in Amarillo and his mom, Nancy, is the office manager. This was Kerry's second time speaking and Nancy's first. From what I hear they did great! I'm sure they will be back next year!

Friday night was the Audiology program's Christmas party. The theme was ugly sweats so don't judge us for what we are wearing. Here is Nancy with Beckett...

And Kerry now, Papaw, as Beckett will call him...

All of together..

After the party Kris and I got a little carried away playing with Beckett, I do this thing where I put my hair over his head and it looks like he is wearing a toupee. We think it's hilarious! You will see that Beckett loved it too.. haha!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Month!

Beckett has been with us for one month already! Is it weird it seems like longer?!? He is growing everyday, he weighed 10lbs a couple days ago at the doctor so I'm sure he weighs more now! He is a great baby and we are so blessed. I would like him to sleep a little longer at a time but I'm sure he will figure that out soon. He had a 4 hour sleep last night from 12am-4, it was amazing. I'm guessing it's because we finally got him some good reflux medicine that allows him to relax. Beckett likes to sleep on mommy and daddy, in his bouncer, and on his bobby but not in his crib. He makes the cutest noises when he is eating. He likes his diaper changed but hates when you change his clothes. He also grabs my hair whenever he can.. I find it all over him all the time. We just love our little man!

If you can't tell already.. I'm one obsessed mommy so don't mind the picture overload.. It won't be the last time this happens!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Big Boy!

Beckett had his 2 weeks check up on Monday and I just knew he had gone through a growth spirt. When we left the hospital he weighed 6lbs 11oz. A week and a half later, mommy's big boy weighed 8lbs 4oz and grew 1.5 inches! It is SO crazy that he had gotten that much bigger! He doesn't fit in any of his newborn clothes anymore. I'm so glad he is thriving. He is also doing lots of other big boy things. For example he has already learned how to grab on to mommy's hair.. ouch!

He's also learned...

How to sleep anywhere at anytime.. like at the Pumpkin Patch

How to watch sports with Daddy..

That the best place to sleep is on Mommy's lap..

And Daddy is the best at bedtime stories..

That when you put your arms up like this it means "touchdown!"..

AND that it's fun to go on rides in the stroller!

I honestly feel dorky and like "one of those moms" writing a post like this but I cannot help it that I'm obsessed with this little boy!! Don't judge me..

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meeting Beckett

Beckett is 2 weeks old today! And in this short time he has had a lot of visitors! Kris and I are so thankful to everyone for taking time out of their schedule to come help us. We are on our own now though and surviving!

Beckett with his cousins Sevy, Teik, and Deckland

Hanging out with Deckland who is only 7 weeks older than him

Meeting Grammy!

And G-pa!

And Nani!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beckett Pearce Ormson

On Sunday, October 16th, at 10:57am, Kristian and I welcomed Beckett Pearce Ormson. He weighed 6lbs 15 oz. and was 19in long. Here is the story of how he came to join our little family..

On Saturday I tons of lower back pain and was not able to walk more than a couple minutes at a time. I thought it was just the pressure from the baby dropping because he hadn't dropped yet. Well I guess it was because that night around 9pm I started having contractions. This was a normal thing during the whole last week though so we started timing them, they were 12 minutes apart. At 11pm they were 10 minutes apart but I was in SO much pain! I decided to lay in our bed because it was closer to the bathroom and my stomach was not feeling good. By 11:30pm they were 6-7 minutes apart and I had Kris packing my hospital bag as I lay on the bed instructing him.

At 11:45pm we left the house for the hospital, my contractions were 5 minutes apart and I was sure this baby was about to shoot out of me. We called our parents on the way and told them this baby was coming! We drive up to the hospital and out of pride I do not let Kris drop me off. Since it was late though the main hospital entrance was closed and we had to walk around to the ER entrance, uhhhh! When we finally made it to labor and delivery after our half mile walk, I could barely talk to the nurses as they start to weigh me and hook me up to the machines. They finally check me and I just know I was ready for my epidural.. NOT.. I was a 2! A 2.. are you kidding me?!? They tell me that I have 2 hours to progress or they are sending me home.

As the 2 hours pass, I kept contracting every 5 minutes. Every time I contract though I am throwing up at the same time and gripping the side of the hospital bed. My husband was awesome and would hold the container for me, he thought I was dying and you could see the stress on his face. He told me it was more a feeling of helplessness. Luckily after 2 hours of this every 5 minutes they check me again, I'm a 4! WOOO! They admit me and get they get on the phone with the on call doctor (which was not my doctor.) Fortunately, I had been given special permission from MY doctor to call him at home if he was not on call. Kris and I decided to wait though until I was closer.

When we get admitted they moved me to my own room to moan in, Yah! The poor people on the other side of the curtain from us probably thought I was dying and being over dramatic. I was not screaming, by any means, but I did not make light of the fact that I was IN pain and IN labor. The nurses kept telling me to breath but I swear it made me feel better to moan loudly.

In our room the nurse put me on some pain medicine through my IV and I also got me a shot in the hip so I would stop throwing up with every contraction. The pain medicine did not work though, I could still feel the pain and I was still moaning. At 6 am the nurse checked me again and I was a 5, they said I needed to be a 6 before an epidural. She called the doctor though and got special permission to give me one. 6:30am came and I got my epidural.. Ahhhhh.. SO much better!

7:00am, we got a new nurse, her name was Brooke and we loved her! She was amazing! We told her that my Doctor had told us to call him and she told us to go ahead and do it. Kris called him at home and he said he would be there in an hour! We are so grateful to him for being willing to be there for us. I can't imagine anyone else delivering my baby. 8:15am my doctor gets there, he checks me, and I'm a 6, but I have stopped contracting because my epidural has relaxed me so much. The nurse starts Pitocin and he breaks my water. After 15 minutes though they pull me off the Pitocin because my body is taking care of the contractions by it's self again.

At 10:15am I was dilated to a 10, time to push! Our nurse Brooke starts coaching me through pushing and breathing. With every push our little man's head kept crowning and then going back in. Finally, Brooke calls the doctor to come back in. He walks in the room, looks at me and says, "if your having a contraction, don't push!" Beckett was ready to greet the world. Then with the next contraction I gave it all I had. After 3 good pushes, he was out!

What an amazing experience! Kris and I both started crying from relief, excitement, and an overwhelming feeling of peace. Just thinking about it now is bringing back those same feelings. What a beautiful miracle our Heavenly Father has given us. Every time I look at him, I fall more in love. We couldn't have had a better experience. It was all worth it. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

Daddy cutting the cord

Getting checked out

Relaxing under the heat light

Proud daddy!

Our little family

Leaving the hospital

Bring baby in the house

Our little man, Beckett Pearce :)

Nursery Reveal

As all of you know our little Beckett is already here! I'm going to post his birth story a little later tonight (hopefully) but I had to do this first. We are renting down here in Beaumont because we are only here for grad school so I couldn't paint the walls like I would have wanted too but I still love how it turned out. HERE is the nursery revealed!

Friday, October 14, 2011

39 weeks and painting

I'll be 40 weeks on Sunday! I knew all along I'd probably make it to my due date and beyond. I had 2 procedures done this week to soften my cervix and both nights it sent me into what I thought was labor. BUT it was not! I only progressed in dilation to a 3, so I was sent home.
Tuesday night, at the hospital, my Doctor even told us to "expect a baby tonight". Well here I sit 3 days later with my baby boy still in my belly. He's just not ready, which is fine with me.

Because I keep going in and out of labor though I have stopped working. SO I'm filling my time with projects and chores.

Kris has begged me the whole pregnancy to take a belly shot.. I finally agreed

39 weeks, 2 days (right before we went to Labor and Delivery for the 2nd time)

My big project I decided to take on yesterday was painting curtains. I couldn't decide on curtains for the babies room. Kris had requested that the curtains not be "boring".. haha! I found this idea on Pintrest and followed it toTHIS blog.
SO I measured out my stripes.

Then I painted..

Me in action.. I should have thought through it before I started, that I am 39.5 weeks pregnant and I would be on the floor on my hands and knees all day. I kept having to take breaks..

The final product!

AND again with the bookcase in front..

The nursery is done now.. YAH!! BUT I'm waiting to reveal it because the Baby's name is on the wall and that can't be found out yet! BE PATIENT!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Church Baby Shower

Last Saturday we were blessed to have another baby shower thrown by some ladies Kris and I go to church with (my visiting teachers). We got some great stuff and can't believe our little man is coming SO soon. Really, he could come any day now! I'm 37.5 weeks now, but don't worry mom, the doctor said no baby this week!
My mom can't come down until October 12th because my brother Collin is leaving on his mission that day and she wants to see him off at the airport. SO the baby and I have daily chats about staying in his home at least til the 10th. NOW.. back to the shower..

Me, doing my classic head tilt, while enjoying some yummy brunch

Some of the ladies that came to spoil us

More ladies..

Playing a game where you had to guess what was in the baby jar.. SO FUN

Such a cute beanie.. it matches the card.. AND can you see the beautiful crochet blanket in the basket??

CUTE burb clothes made by Nikki.. (I have to learn how!)

Onsies with the babies initials on them.. we haven't anounced the name and I gave Kris special permission to give the initials out to one of the guys in his program (so his wife could make us something). I didn't think about the fact that people would see them at the shower! SO I guess this is us announcing the initials, B.P.O.!!

My amazing hostesses, that did such a great job! It was so nice.

THANKS again ladies! It was an amazing morning!