Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Month!

Beckett has been with us for one month already! Is it weird it seems like longer?!? He is growing everyday, he weighed 10lbs a couple days ago at the doctor so I'm sure he weighs more now! He is a great baby and we are so blessed. I would like him to sleep a little longer at a time but I'm sure he will figure that out soon. He had a 4 hour sleep last night from 12am-4, it was amazing. I'm guessing it's because we finally got him some good reflux medicine that allows him to relax. Beckett likes to sleep on mommy and daddy, in his bouncer, and on his bobby but not in his crib. He makes the cutest noises when he is eating. He likes his diaper changed but hates when you change his clothes. He also grabs my hair whenever he can.. I find it all over him all the time. We just love our little man!

If you can't tell already.. I'm one obsessed mommy so don't mind the picture overload.. It won't be the last time this happens!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Big Boy!

Beckett had his 2 weeks check up on Monday and I just knew he had gone through a growth spirt. When we left the hospital he weighed 6lbs 11oz. A week and a half later, mommy's big boy weighed 8lbs 4oz and grew 1.5 inches! It is SO crazy that he had gotten that much bigger! He doesn't fit in any of his newborn clothes anymore. I'm so glad he is thriving. He is also doing lots of other big boy things. For example he has already learned how to grab on to mommy's hair.. ouch!

He's also learned...

How to sleep anywhere at anytime.. like at the Pumpkin Patch

How to watch sports with Daddy..

That the best place to sleep is on Mommy's lap..

And Daddy is the best at bedtime stories..

That when you put your arms up like this it means "touchdown!"..

AND that it's fun to go on rides in the stroller!

I honestly feel dorky and like "one of those moms" writing a post like this but I cannot help it that I'm obsessed with this little boy!! Don't judge me..