Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're Pregnant... the Story!

I know all of you already know thanks to calls, text, emails, and Facebook but I wanted to post our story of how we found out we were expecting and all the crazy things I've been experiencing. This is a LONG post.. but I'll start from the beginning...

The day we found out...
Valentines day!
February 14th, 2011.. My parents were here for the weekend and left that morning. WARNING.. maybe TMI. My cycle is very regular, every 26 days. I was 2 days late but only at 28 days which is normal for most girls. I decided to take a pregnancy test not thinking anything of it, just trying to put my mind at ease. So around 3pm, Kris is sitting on the couch and I go in the bathroom. As soon as I look at the stick (who actually waits 3 minutes) there are 2 lines! I put my hand over my mouth and take the stick out to Kris. TEARS.. start flowing, out of fear, happiness, and the unknown.
We were in shock. So we ran to our local CVS and buy another test. 30 minutes later.. Positive again. WOAH! I was 4 weeks along..

5 weeks...
The symptoms start.
I'm nauseous all day, every day, day and night. AND SOOOOOO tired.. I was either sleeping, forcing food down my throat at work, or sleeping. Jenny McCarthy describes it best in her book Belly Laughs..
"I consider myself to have it even harder than the pukers. I was in a constant state of queasiness that would cause me to gag or dry-heave. You know that second before you throw up where your mouth gets really watery and you start to sweat? That was me.. ALL DAY!!"

8 weeks..
Our first doctors visit!
Our OBGYN goes to our church. I couldn't decide if it was going to be weird to know my Dr., but I didn't know who else to use and he was covered by my insurance. So we went for it and it was not weird at all.
To be honest, I was a little disappointed because we didn't get to hear the heartbeat or anything. BUT he told me I'm not high risk so no need for extra testing. I did have a pelvic exam and he did confirm I was pregnant and told me I had an A+ uterus.. YEAH?!?!
He also mentioned (as he was feeling around) that I might be further along than we thought.. or it could be twins!!!

9 and a half weeks..
Telling the family!

We told our parents and immediate family. Kris's mom and dad were coming to visit for the weekend and we thought it was perfect timing. We gave them a gift over dinner with a diaper in it. Inside the diaper read..
Pink or Blue
Either will Do!
Baby Ormson Due October 24th..

For my parents we sent them a package with a "I love grandpa" and I love grandma" onesie in it with a note that read the same thing. We got a call as soon as they opened it! SO EXCITING!

13 weeks..
Second Doctor's appointment..
Did you know every time you go in they make you pee in a cup??? Well, I go in to do my business and I am so proud of myself because I didn't pee on my hand this time! So I start to bring the full cup up and it hits my leg and I DROP IT IN THE TOILET!!! O NO! DANG DANG DANG DANG DANG!!! I reach in the toilet, grab my cup, and wash it and my hands off in the sink. I was freaking out because I knew I couldn't pee anymore right then! I grab the water bottle out of my purse and start chugging it in the bathroom. "Ashley... Ashley" OMG.. I hear them calling my name...
I sit down again on the toilet and try to squeeze something out.. I got about a teaspoon out. I put it through the window anyway! O well..
I get called back about 5 min later and told the medical assistant what happened. She laughed.. and told me no worries.

45 minutes later..
It's finally our turn. We go in the room and the medical assistant tells us that we get to hear the heart beat. It was the moment of truth! I had been so scared that we wouldn't hear anything. AND then I hear the most amazing sound ever.. woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh. 150bmp. Healthy baby! AND only one heart beat at that. I could have laid there for hours listening.
Doctor comes in and measures me, I'm measuring 16 weeks, although he doesn't want to change my due date, because of my body type, it is normal to pop out like that I guess.

Now.. we are feeling over joyed and VERY loved and blest! We cannot wait until May 24th to FINALLY see our baby and find out the sex!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break Update! Just a little late..

It has been forever since I have blogged. Kris gets onto me for not taking more pictures actually. AND I kinda feel a little boring too. I work 40-50 hours a week and Kris is a full time at Grad student with a part time job.
BUT about a month ago was Kris's Spring Break so I took off a couple days and we took a quick trip to Dallas to hang out for the day at the Galleria and then we went to the Stars game.

Us at the game!

My super foot long chili cheese dog.. I ate the WHOLE thing!

Unfortunately the stars lost in a shoot out.. BUT it was a great game!!

Last weekend the Audiology program at Lamar had the White Coat ceremony for the 3rd years. They are all going to be gone next year at internships and got their white coats early with their names on them. Kris can't wait for his.. 3 more years and he'll be Dr. Ormson. YAH!

Kris and I at the dinner

And a full length!