Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ugly Sweaters and Toupees

Not a lot has changed around here. I'm still on maternity leave and spending all day with my baby boy. AND I'm still obsessed with him. I think it gets worse daily! Time is flying by and I am not ready to go back to work at the first of January. I would stay home if I could. Funny thing is I thought I would have SO much free time not working and get SO much stuff done. NOT, between Beckett eating and me pumping it takes a lot of our day away. Here is a catch up of what we've been up to the last couple weeks besides those two things.

Beckett was SO tired from playing..

His first time in his bumbo.. I think it was a success!

This last weekend, we were lucky enough to have Kris's parents in Beaumont. They were asked to speak to the Audiology program students at Lamar, where Kris attends. For those of you who don't know his dad, Kerry, is an Audiologist in Amarillo and his mom, Nancy, is the office manager. This was Kerry's second time speaking and Nancy's first. From what I hear they did great! I'm sure they will be back next year!

Friday night was the Audiology program's Christmas party. The theme was ugly sweats so don't judge us for what we are wearing. Here is Nancy with Beckett...

And Kerry now, Papaw, as Beckett will call him...

All of together..

After the party Kris and I got a little carried away playing with Beckett, I do this thing where I put my hair over his head and it looks like he is wearing a toupee. We think it's hilarious! You will see that Beckett loved it too.. haha!